Mandatory notification of trade


Green 91 AS has on 6 April 2018 extended a total return swap agreement ("TRS")
with Danske Bank A/S as counter party for 1,000,000 shares in Norwegian Finans
Holding ASA ("NOFI") at a price per share of NOK 87.75. The initial TRS covered
2,000,000 shares in NOFI and was entered into with Danske Bank A/S before NOFI
applied for listing of its shares on Oslo Børs on 19 May 2016. The extension
covers 50% of the 2,000,000 shares originally included and expires on 25 March
2020. Lars Ola Kjos, who is a board member of Bank Norwegian AS, NOFI's wholly
owned subsidiary, owns 100% of the shares of Green 91 AS. After the transaction,
Green 91 AS still owns 3,964,901 shares in NOFI, equal to 2.12% of the
registered share capital in the company.