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Investor Relations

This IR website (www.banknorwegian.no/omoss/investorrelations) contains historical information about Bank Norwegian ASA, published prior to the intragroup merger between Nordax Bank AB (publ) and Bank Norwegian ASA, which was completed on 30 November 2022. The merger was implemented with Nordax Bank AB (publ) as the surviving company and Bank Norwegian ASA as the transferring company.

For Investor Relations related information about the merged entity, Nordax Bank AB (publ), please go to: https://www.nordaxgroup.com/investors.

Financial Reports


03.05.2018 Offentliggjøring av sentral risikoinformasjon 2017 NO EN

Bank Norwegian ASA

28.02.2018 Årsrapport 2017 NO EN
30.10.2017 Delårsrapport 3 kv 2017 NO
14.08.2017 Delårsrapport 2 kv 2017 NO
03.05.2017 Delårsrapport 1 kv 2017 NO

Norwegian Finans Holding ASA

28.02.2018 Annual Report 2017 NO EN
30.10.2017 Report for the third quarter 2017 NO EN
14.08.2017 Report for the second quarter 2017 NO EN
03.05.2017 Report for the first quarter 2017 NO EN