Bank Norwegian AS - Addendum to license agreement with Norwegian Air Shuttle


Bank Norwegian AS ("Bank Norwegian") has reached agreement with the Norwegian
Air Shuttle group of companies ("Norwegian Air Shuttle") on an addendum to the
license agreement regarding the use of the brand name Norwegian, etc. (the

The License is extended to ten (10) years and is exclusive in the Nordic
countries with respect to IP rights, co-operation on credit cards, loyalty
program, etc. In addition, Norwegian Air Shuttle shall invite Bank Norwegian to
participate in good faith discussions to explore a possible extension of the
geographical scope of the License to European countries outside of the Nordics.
Finally, the financial terms of the cooperation have been amended including
certain adjustments in the number of cashpoints awarded to Bank Norwegian's
customers under the loyalty program. Such adjustments are expected to have only
a marginal financial impact for Bank Norwegian.

This information is subject to disclosure requirements pursuant to the Norwegian
Securities Trading Act section 5 12.

For further information, please contact:
-	CEO Tine Wollebekk: phone: +47 40805557, or
-	CFO Pål Svenkerud: phone: + 47 93403904