Compulsory acquisition - approval of guarantee


Oslo Børs, in capacity as take-over supervisory authority, has approved payment
guarantee pursuant to the Securities Trading Act section 6-22 3rd sub-section
no. 3 in connection with compulsory acquisition ("squeeze-out") of shares in
Bank Norwegian ASA without preceding mandatory offer. In this respect, Oslo Børs
has also considered the other relevant conditions applicable for the exemption
to present a mandatory offer pursuant to the Securities Trading Act section 6-22
3rd sub-section.

Nordax Bank AB (publ) has resolved to effect a compulsory acquisition of the
shares in Bank Norwegian ASA not already held by Nordax Bank AB (publ) pursuant
to the Public Limited Liability Companies Act section 4-25.

The price offered under the compulsory acquisition is NOK 105 per share, which
would have been the minimum offer price for a mandatory offer from Nordax Bank
AB (publ) to the shareholders of Bank Norwegian ASA.

Attached is a copy of the guarantee document issued by DNB Bank ASA for the
benefit of those that are subject to the compulsory acquisition. The guarantee
document includes, amongst others, information on the deadline for presenting
claims under the guarantee, the address for delivery of claims and the
documentation that must be submitted.